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Name: Dawn Higgins Murphy - 06/29/02 23:35
E-Mail: None Given
Comments: After watching your LCVP come to life and knowing how very many "loving" hours were spent from start to finish in getting her to the Museum - we owe you ALL a great amount of gratitude.  I, for one, appreciate your efforts in showing the younger generation what a "Higgins boat" looks like.  Many, many, thanks.   Dawn.  AJH would be so proud of your work!!!

Name: Jay Hooker - 06/27/02 18:30
E-Mail: sp.boatmn@verizon.com
Comments: saw my first Higgins pleasure boat yesterday.

Name: Charlie Noble - 06/25/02 21:33
E-Mail: None Given
Comments: I cant wait til I get to go back!!

Name: Robert F. Kirwin     SW1 - 06/20/02 19:25
E-Mail: MRBOB9093@msn.com
Comments: Rode around Subic Bay,PI on an LCVP...great water craft.  MCB5 1952-1955

Name: Mike Marcellus - 06/20/02 19:13
E-Mail: pth-inc@att.net
Comments: To honor them all is not enough.  God bless the soldiers.

Name: Charles Lankford - 06/18/02 15:22
E-Mail: lankford@acsol.net
Comments: Basics at Great Lakes Naval Training Station. Served on USS Lyon and USS Leonard Wood, Among the first 500 men trained in the Higgins assault boats and were known as Amphibious Assault Forces. The Higgins boat was built sturdy, had powerful engines,and one other unique feature never seen in print.I was fortunate to be selected and trained as a coxswain. First invasion, 1st. wave in Fez, North Africa. Later served on LST 308 in the first wave invasions of Sicily and Italy. Later while waiting in the South of England with ship number changed to LST 1108 I was selected to return to the US to join a nuculus crew for the expected invasion of Japan. Would like to hear from any former shipmate.

Name: T. C. Raby - 06/17/02 15:10
E-Mail: b2design@att.net
Comments: I was on LST #52 in 1943.  Service # 8298304  Left it in Hawaii in '46.

Name: george dewulf - 06/16/02 19:50
E-Mail: gdwulf@yahoo.com
Comments: I drove the port LCVP on the 1084 in 1945 & 1946. Its good to see a site dedicated to a fine work horse.

Name: Frank N. Musso - 06/16/02 09:29
E-Mail: wa5qhv@cox-internet.com
Comments: My father worked at Higgins during the war, first as a painter, and then later as a LA State Police security guard. We have a tie clasp, in the shape of a PT boat, that was awarded the employees for meeting their deadlines. I'm glad that this positive part of Louisiana history is being preserved. It would be nice to have a roster of the employees that worked there, along with more pictures of different work crews.

Name: jim howell - 06/14/02 08:42
E-Mail: flyc54@bellsouth.net
Comments: look at this page and you can see the old higgins was in viet nam too i ran one of them http://ronandjim.com and please sign the guest book thanksSmall Boat Pool. Leyte, Samar. 1944-1946

Name: annomys - 06/13/02 11:34
E-Mail: None Given
Comments: The higgins boat did deliver troops to the beaches during "Operation Overlord". I was impressed to find out that the higgins boat could also carry light artillery.

Name: Glenn L. Ebeyer - 06/11/02 07:30
E-Mail: gebeyer@home.com
Comments: One of the best I've ever seen. Thanks in part to James Duckworth, who I know personally and appreciate greatly

Name: E. L.Forcht  MM-2 - 06/09/02 14:14
E-Mail: happikat2990@aol.com
Comments: Small Boat Pool. Leyte, Samar. 1944-1946

Name: Cynthia A Burgner - 06/06/02 21:17
E-Mail: southernbelle20@msn.com
Comments: I just wanted to express how proud and honored I am to live in this Great Country of ours, and I appreciate all that you do to help everyone remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  Kudos to all who volunteer and support the remembrance efforts. With Love and Respect, Cynthia A Burgner

Name: james hurley - 06/05/02 15:46
E-Mail: james18938@yahoo.com

Name: George T. Bell - 06/05/02 08:42
E-Mail: gtbell@pi.be
Comments: Very interesting. Will make another interesting article with internet retrieved pictures/photographs for the local newsletter: The Royal British Legion, Antwerp branch, Belgium. The branch, apart from during 1940-46 has been active since 1922. One year after the creation of the association by Earl Marshal Haig in 1921. Thanks.

Name: Joseph B. LeVangie - 06/03/02 14:52
E-Mail: bluejacket@mcttelecom.com
Comments: Was coxswain on LCP, then changed to LCPR and was in invasion of No. Africa. Landed troops on Fedela Beach.Lost ship U.S.S. Tasker H. Bliss AP42. Torpedoed Nov. 12th, 1942, as well as the Scott and Rutledge. Love these Higgins Boats. Hope to visit soon. Thanks.

Name: bud render - 06/01/02 22:36
E-Mail: forua10@yahoo.com
Comments: 1943-1945 my experience with LCVP"S started in little creek va assigned to LST 375 for trip to North Africa Bizerte reassigned to LST 316 sicly and salerno invasions LST 509 for Normany Invasion Omaha and Utah beaches task Group 125.5 assigned to 1st army rhine river remagen bridge area. would like to hear from others that might have been there

Name: Earl Dunn - 06/01/02 17:18
E-Mail: edunn@nwtec.com
Comments: I was coxswain of an LCM Mark IV on the U.S.S. Mountrail, 1944, 1945; Phillipines and Okinawa. First trained on the LCVP'a at A.T.B. Coronado. Can attest to the seaworthiness of these fabulous boats.

Name: Karl Buck - 05/29/02 09:52
E-Mail: kbuck1@cinci.rr.com
Comments: HELP !! I am a serious radio control model boat builder and have a desire to build a model of the Higgins LCVP. So far I have not been able to locate any type drawing of this boat. Does anyone know if and where these might be available ? Simple drawings will be OK, mainly elevations and deck layouts would let me scale out enough information to build a working model. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
         " The Ol Boat Yard In Cincinnati "     Karl

Name: Don Brown - 05/27/02 14:15
E-Mail: donaldlbrown36@juno.com
Comments: I am looking for Kentuckians who served in the Pacific specifically or anywhere else, on any of the Amphibian Ships, LCI, LCT, LCM, LST, or ETC.  If your father or you served in the Pacific.  I am trying to identify and would like to publicize, what they did.  Everyone hears about the Admirals and the Generals what about us little people.  Let's tell your story. I came along later, but I believe there are stories to tell, that has not been told before and that need to be.  Today is Decoration Day or Memorial Day, what better date to tell us your story.

Name: T. Scott Clements - 05/26/02 21:27
E-Mail: TSC2002@msn.com
Comments: My dad was coxswain on a Higgins boat attached to the U.S.S. Bayfield during WWII. He carried Gen. Bradley ashore during the invasion of Normandy. The craft broached on bar and my dad ordered his crew out to push. Once free he sped away and circled back to find that the General and his aides had also went over the side to help. After the war he had a chance encounter with General Bradley when he was with a group of other sailors. The General went down the line receiving salutes and shaking hands. When he came to my father he hesitated and then began to smile. No words were exchanged the smile and handshake were sufficient.

Name: Richard Sallee - 05/25/02 15:12
E-Mail: rdshms@yahoo.com
Comments: Mr. Ambrose, I am pulling for you. Your current work about the Marines in the Pacific I trust will be as outstanding as the Marines who made it happen. Thsi is one of the great stories of all times, "the U.S. Marines verses Japan". My Dad was with the 3rd Division. Good luck, Richard Sallee, OKla. City

Name: Robert P. Garvey - 05/24/02 20:31
E-Mail: garveys2@aol.com
Comments: I served on one of the Higgins boats in WWII

Name: Jack Brannon - 05/20/02 00:51
E-Mail: cbrannon@rtol.net
Comments: In your guest book, page 2, R.Farmer wrote that his Father had been in the First Special Service Force-FSSF. I tried to email him, as my oldest brother was also in the FSSF, but his email address was in-active. Perhaps he has changed it or someone who knows him can let him know I have quite a bit of information on the Force. Thanks for a very good web-site. Jack Brannon

Name: Amos Vigil - 05/17/02 13:00
E-Mail: avigil@comcast.net
Comments: My complements on such a fine job.

Name: James O. Roberts - 05/14/02 18:55
E-Mail: lsd18@aol.com
Comments: Great page keep up the good work. Hope to see the museum soon.

Name: Richard Bebow - 05/05/02 22:16
E-Mail: boworks@mail.com
Comments: served on Comstock LSD-19 ,and Henrico APA45 63-67. Figured I would be sleeping in a clean rack at nite, no I spent a good share of my time sleeping on life jackets in a Higgans Papa boat , rain and shine. Am presently building a 5 foot model of Comstock-LSD-19 for radio control. Plans are to ballast down and flood the well deck, but more importantly to be able to ballast up again,? Also will R/C a landing craft to work with the ship. I restore wood boats for a living, work on old Higgins pleasure craft once in a while. We took good care of those L/C when we had time , the other times we beat the hell out of Mr. Higgins boats. my hat is off to the good folks who built those boats.

Name: Robert E. McCann - 05/03/02 17:19
Comments: I was a coxswain on boat 23 and LCM26 on board the USS NAPA in the invasion of Iwo Jima.Looking for bueddies who might remember.

Name: Jerry Dubose - 05/01/02 19:31
E-Mail: player59@zipmail.com
Comments: I've been through the museum several times since it opened. I love to take my time, and listen to each of the old soldiers in the numerous videos tell of their personal experience. A real treat is to be near a visitor who was there at Normandy, and hear him relate what went on. Keep up the good work. Just heard about your health problem today, Mr. Ambrose. Good luck with that. We need people like you.

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