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[28 July 1997]


[11 October 1997]


Our LCVP project is off to a roaring start, thanks to the continued generosity of a number of benefactors who believe in what we're doing AND thanks to your tremendous effort.  I'll be getting one of these newsletters out around the first of every month.  Communication is one of the biggest challenges of this project, and I'll be using the newsletter AND the Higgins Hotline (663-4460) extensively to stay in touch with all of you.  If you are ever in doubt as to what's going on, call the HOTLINE as I update it every Monday.



Our workshop is complete.


The woodworking machinery is installed.


The wood for the frames was purchased.


Templates for cutting the wood were provided by Sintes.


All frames are cut out!!!


We got the nuts and bolts to assemble the frames.


We built the form on which the frames will be assembled.


We ordered the plywood for the sideshell from Ipik Door Co.


I am in negotiation with a boat yard in Portsmouth, Va. which has an original engine and
other boat fittings!


We began our fundraising campaign.


We had a wonderful showing of the Higgins documentary at UNO.
(This was great, if you missed it we may do it again.)


OTECH Industries has agreed to fabricate the bowramp.


Stewart & Stevenson has agreed to furnish our marine engineering.


1. We are at a very critical point in the process.  We need only 4 to 5 volunteers (in addition to team leaders) at each work party until further notice.  Anyone who wants may come if you like...though...the point is, there may not be too much to do right now.  Don't go away though, there will be a lot to do before the boat is built!!

2. All of you need to get involved in our fundraising efforts.  Talk our project up.  Let people know what we are doing.  Sell some of our raffle tickets.  By the way, I will "issue" tickets to any volunteer who thinks he/she may be able to sell them.  I have made contact with a few potential funding sources, but we should be prepared to rely on our own efforts.  Look, I don't like this part of the project either - but we gotta do - what we gotta do.

My guesstimate as to what the boat will cost is $10,000.00.  The lion's share of that will be spent on mahogany.  We'll take things one step at at time.  We don't need to "stockpile" our raw materials anyway.

We have to be on the lookout for any pieces or parts from these boats.  Cleats, through-hull fittings or anything could be of interest to us.

We are also looking for WWII era wiring, gauges, line (rope), etc.  Also, we need WWII era lifejackets.  Does anybody have a "boat outfit list"?  What did an LCVP have onboard?  We have to think ahead folks!  Get in touch with me if you turn up something.


I'm trying to avoid recognizing individuals at this point in the project.  There have been a lot of really outstanding efforts put out thus far.  Too many to list.  Some of these people have never been to our workshop, and some have.  Proper recognition will come at the right time, but for now -----


[28 July 1997]

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