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Here's the latest...
All of the metal deck supports are in, and bolted up to the stringers.
What a job!  If you can imagine working inside an upside-down boat, with poor light, and lots of heat.  Working conditions are cramped.  Working overhead.  Lotsa skinned knuckles. Installing these things and the longitudinals was a real bear.  Hats off to the crew for handling this extremely difficult part of the build.  What made it really tough was we didn't think this job would be too bad...but it was.  GREAT GOING GUYS!
Just about all of the 1/4" mahogany plywood "inner" skin is on...
Welcome back Aubrey Adams!  Aubrey and company did all of the fit up and installation on the inner skin.  I guarantee you the seams are flawless.  Best bottom I ever saw.  The keel apron and its canvas are installed.
The transom sideshell is glued up and cut, ready for installation.
You wouldn't believe the seams on the sideshell.  YOU CAN'T SEE THEM!  Dave Sintes step cut this plywood to achieve the 6" scarf joint we needed.  PERFECT!
The port and starboard sideshell is glued up and ready for final cutting.
The bottom planking (donated by Robinson Lumber) has arrived.
Many thanks to Sheriff Foti for helping us with the transportation of all this wood.  It has been no small task, and it has involved many trips.  Marvin Perrett coordinated all of the delivery and pickup. Great teamwork!
The STRUT arrived.  It is a work of art.  You just have to see it.
Well Joey Madere, YOU DID IT BUDDY!!!  What all of you don't realize is the great job both Joey and Earl Fredricks did in cultivating the great relationship we have with Buck Algonquin, Inc.  Not only did Buck do a first rate job, but they did it for very little money.  Again, great teamwork. All of our underwater gear is now in our inventory!
The pieces parts remaining from the LCVP wreck in San Francisco were rescued, cleaned and crated by the USCG.  These parts (including an original BOW RAMP) are enroute to us now.
Many thanks to USCG ISC ALAMEDA and USCG D8 HQ (Master Chief Livingstone) for giving us the able assist!  Not sure we'll use this bow ramp - type and condition will determine. In either event, we will have it for important construction DETAIL!
The garboard planks are cut, edge glued and in final prep for installation.
These are the first planks to install on either side of the keel.  The rest of the planks just butt up and run out across the hull.
Graham Haddock and company have a handle on the boring bit for the shaft log.
I have no idea how many hours have been spent planning for the hole we will bore in this hull for the shaft.  It's gotta be right.  I think we are in good shape with the brains at work over this problem.
We are planing down all of the mahogany planks for the bottom at this writing.
The boards are in the rough, but the crew is shaping them up now for installation.  Desired thickness is 13/16".  In case you are wondering, we HAVE the fastening schedule and pattern from the FACTORY!  Jerry Strahan provided this info.
Frame number 7 was fabricated by Hebert Steel in Baton Rouge, La.
Hebert not only fabbed it, but they also galvanized it!  Thanks Ed Daroca for coordinating this for us!  The frame fits like a glove, and it is permanently installed.  This is one of two steel frame reinforcements required for lifting aboard ship.  The other is frame #23-1/2.  That one will be dealt with after we flip the hull.
Frank Straughan has put together a great VHS documentary tape on the project!
Hats off to Frank.  He is preserving everything for the future.  No easy task.  I hear Frank's living room looks like a publishing company...Whenever I need something and someone says "Send me some photos..." guess who I call?
Lots of research proves that we do have the correct bowramp winch!
Earl Fredricks did the legwork on this.  Yep, we got the right one!  It was provided to us by Wes Gladhart (he had it in his backyard).  Wintech, the company that bought out Beebe Bros. (the original manufacturer) gave us some badly needed missing pieces.  Joey Madere is rebuilding the winch right now!
I have all of the new I.D. badges ready for pickup.  See me in person for this...
If anyone needs a badge, put your name on the dry board by the plans table.  By the way, hats off to the Orleans Levee District for producing the badges for us!
Does anyone know of a Boy Scout or Girl Scout unit out there that can help us one weekend with some cleanup of our workshop?
Spring cleaning you know...If so, please contact our youth coordinator, Charles Rareshide.
Anyone have a couple of rubber-tired boom-type cranes out there?
We'll need these to turn the boat over.  Call me for detail.  Bonus points if you can provide crane operators (real good ones too...).

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